A Circle of Friends…. September 19th – 26th, 2015.

Hello, My name is Charles Damore and I recently completed a journey that first I dreamed, then I planned, then I did. It was just that simple. This picture of the initial plan to make a circle…It did not turn out as planned…I will post the actual itinerary at another time…here is my story…. After a beautiful Summer on Cape Cod, I was looking to reinvent myself as a better person. I decided to look at money differently. I did not want it to rule me in all my decisions. I wanted to decide where and when money is made based on my priorities and not just finding ways to aquire “Wealth”. Lets face it. Most people are just existing, not thriving. You go to work for long hours, go home and crash, get up and do it over and over and you start to wonder if this is all it is about….(also, this paragraph thing, it is history, just gonna ramble on)….Well…I got to wondering, what if you saw People as a resource and not a source of stress? What I mean is, if the people you know can change, influence and encourage you in a positive way, would you listen? …I started listening to my friends, mostly on Facebook (FB). People are quick to dis FB for many reasons. Too many cat pics, drama etc….What I take from it is a network of cool people I get to hang out with and basically interact with like regular friends…That is because that is exactly what it is…Nothing more or less…What I have come away with is many, and I mean many good friends that I have a genuine interest in and enjoy them in my lives. These FB friends are all over the world. I also have many FB locals as well, and try to make a point to get together with them in real life IRL as well. What these people have brought me, is an understanding of the meaning of life, for me…”Your life is about 2 things, experiences and relationships, everything else flows from there…” Me. ….That is my opinion. Why am I talking about FB when I need to talk about my trip? It is because without FB this journey would have been impossible. The amount of people I have reconnected with from my past is staggering. I was in the Coast Guard and was stationed on the island of Guam 35 years ago. I am still in contact with almost a dozen of those shipmates because of FB. After a recent HS reunion, I was able to reconnect with many more people from my past. I also have endured some very difficult emotions with the passing of some of these friends. One such friend is Steve Nix…I reported to Radio Station Guam on April 1st 1980. A week later, I was on watch at the radio station and was a witness at Steve’s wedding. His bride was in my duty section and they got married over the radio. He was in San Francisco at the communications station…I got to hear them both say…”I do, over”…It was the most unusual and special wedding I have attended. Shortly thereafter, Steve joined his bride on Guam and we all experienced the same tropical paradise together. for the sake of my CG friends here is a small list of my shipmates…Pj, Bobby O, Dano (RIP), JJ (RIP), Jason(RIP), Mikey, Kevin, Larry, Jim P.,John E…and all the rest.  …at any rate, getting back to Steve Nix….Like many old shipmates, I reconnected with Steve a year or so ago and really enjoyed his posts…He had moved back to Reno and was enjoying all that the area had to offer. He enjoyed hiking, photography, being goofy and hanging with his family and friends. His zest for life was almost intoxicating…I had mentioned that I would love to experience his beautiful area again, as I had once been to the Tahoe/Reno area when I was young. I never got the opportunity to visit my old friend. He passed away doing what he loved, hiking in the foothills, enjoying what mother nature had to offer. Steve’s passing had a profound impact on my life. It made me realize that you have to live in the now and not put your dreams off till another time…seize the fuckin’ day because tomorrow may never come. ….That got me thinking about how many people I know in the Northern California area. This is where it gets interesting….enough for today, will think about the next entry as I am going to Uber in Salem…take advantage of the Halloween crowds to the Witch capital of the World…Aloha!!